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The Town of Swidnica

Town Authorities

Dear Sir/Madam,

Świdnica, of which I have the honour to be the mayor, is a town with a population of 60 thousand citizens located in the south-west of Poland – one of the most dynamically developing regions in Central Europe.

The motto “A market with traditions” fully renders the character of our town. Świdnica is a place where trade, services, and industry have been developing for centuries, a place where commendable traditions accompany the development of new investments constituting a construction place of a modern and innovative market based on the most up-to-date technological and organizational solutions.

Świdnica is distinguished by a favourable geographical location; it is located close to the Czech Republic and Germany as well as  A4 motorway and Wrocław – a capital city of the voivodship. Obviously a list of our advantages is definitely longer and it includes: system of exemptions and incentives (tax and procedural), as well as already existing and constantly developing technical and social infrastructure (including health service and education). The citizens of Świdnica are hard-working, creative and perfectly educated. Furthermore – what I can say with pride and conviction – we created a friendly and effective system of investors' support.

These assets have already convinced tens of investors, including investors from  the USA (Colgate Palmolive, Remi Automotive Poland Sp. z o.o., Wagony Świdnica Greenbrier Company S.A.), Sweden (Electrolux), Japan (Nifco), Italy (IMP Comfort), Germany (Krause, Klingenburg) as well as numerous local entrepreneurs including Galess, Sonel who have built their new factories in Świdnica. Here, I would like to emphasize that apart from production companies, entrepreneurs from service, trade and construction sectors have also chosen Świdnica as the place for their business activities and development. Hereby, I would like to cordially invite you to make yourself acquainted with our investment offer. I hope that our beautiful and friendly town will be a perfect place for you to invest, live and strike up new friendships. I would like to assure you that the town authorities and the staff of the Municipal Office in Świdnica will do their best to help you and provide you with a complete support at every stage of your investment process.

While handing over this investment offer to your hands let me invite you with the words “We have earned the trust of the best, give us yours too" hoping that the trust will be the motto of our future cooperation and friendship.

Mayor of Świdnica
Beata Moskal-Słaniewska

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