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The Town of Swidnica

Foreign Cooperation


Świdnica has always been a town open to Europe. It was as early as in 2000 that the first in Poland prareferendum referring to the Polish accession to the European Union was held. In November 2001 the European Commission granted a special award to Świdnica in the field of water management. In 2002 and afterwards in 2003 the Council of Europe granted two prestigious awards to Świdnica – “European Diploma” and “Flag of Honour”. Both distinctions were granted in recognition of actions undertaken by local authorities to promote the idea of European unity. Świdnica accessed the European Union solemnly; on 30th April – 1st May 2004 the event referred to as “The Feast of the European Flag” was held during which the Flag of Honour was granted to the town and afterwards the sparkles show took place in the Market Square emphasizing the significant moment of the Polish accession to the European Community. In 2006 in the contest “European Enterprise Awards” Świdnica was nominated by the Minister of Economy to award in the category of “Entrepreneurial Trailblazer Award”.


Świdnica is considered to be a town in which the funds from the European Union were raised from the mid-90s. Due to Phare program numerous significant investments were implemented in the town. The total amount of pre-access funds amounted to nearly one million zlotys. Alongside with the Polish accession to the European Union in May 2004 Świdnica intensified its attempts to receive funds from the European Union, mainly for road infrastructure. The town received 13,6 million zlotys for these projects and was regarded as the second town in Poland, after Wrocław, as far as concerns the effectiveness of raising funds from ZPOR (Integrated Regional Operational Program). Year 2006 was announced by the European Commission as the European Year of Workers' Mobility as a result of which Świdnica implemented the project referred to as “The Partnership of Towns From Central Europe Towards the Efficient Workers’ Mobility” for which the amount of 400 thousand zlotys was received. In 2004-2006 Świdnica received nearly 15 million zlotys – 13 million zlotys for infrastructural projects and approximately 1,7 million zlotys for the so-called “soft” projects. In 2007-2011 financial resources to implement projects within the framework of RPO (Regional Operational Programme) and other available operational programs were received. The European Union financial resources are designed to revitalize the Market Square, old townhouses, churches, public utility buildings, streets as well as municipal squares. For the implementation of the above-mentioned actions Świdnica received the amount of approximately 34 million zlotys. The European Union funds are also used in order to finance actions connected with the development of tourism, culture, education as well as with the development of information community and access to Internet. The most important projects implemented by the town are as follows: “The Revalorization of a Mid-marketplace Block with the Restoration of Town Hall Tower”, “The Rebuilding of St. Margaret’s Square with the Infrastructure of Public Transport in Świdnica”, “The Counteracting of Digital Exclusion – E-inclusion in the Municipality of Świdnica”, “Thermal Efficiency Improvement of Public Utility Buildings Performing Educational and Cultural Functions in the Area of the Sudety Foothills and the Silesian Lowland”, “The Lower Silesian UNESCO Route”, “Świdnica’s Electronic Transfer of Information and Documents – synchronized system of social services (SESPID)”, “Municipal Tourist Routes as an Integrated Tourist Product of the Towns of Polish-Czech Borderland”, “Historical Reconstructions as the Common Tourist Product of Polish-Czech Borderland”.


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